Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pre season (super) friendly...

Welcome to Holo Cast Whispers sport fans. Tonight we concentrate on the pre-season friendly that was put on in the Earth-terrus city of London last night. Played in one of the local Tier 3 stadiums at Pondurs End it was a long awaited treat for the locals of this mainly 'worker class' citizens. However, the choice of teams seemed odd for the area whose home team is the brutal Brimsdown Bruisers human team: a team to whom it seems the ball is a distraction to the real game of putting people out the game!

Zephyr Corp sent along their new team KUSA, primarily it seems to gain experience before the season starts next week. Against them House of Blade sent their new Transdoshan team... So two teams who were going to struggle on the brute force side of the game but hopefully give the crowds some thrills.
Ref Dredd was in charge but hardly needed!

While our reporter Dickie J was pretty sure the crowd didn't appreciate the subtleties of the game it did, he feels, throw up some interesting thoughts going into the new season. Is the game going to shift subtly away from pure violence being the mainstay of many of the Tier One teams? Both teams on show last night showed how hard they are going to be to beat. The monks ability to persuade people to move (psychologists are working on the theory it is a genetic triggered response to seeing the 'Word' spreading monks - sentients of all sorts want to 'get away' from them) certainly makes the brute force blocking the strike areas a little mute. If the monks ever leave their 'reading groups' long enough to learn how to throw the league may be in trouble. How they will fair against a team willing to close and take them out will remain to be seen. In this game they managed to eek out a deserved win in what was an end to end very close game.

Kusa showed their phasing ability is going to be as strong in a different way, again blocking them out will be mute, hitting them is near to impossible as all players are very fast and adept at avoidance. They can almost steal the ball at will - it's hard to keep away from a player who can pop up behind with speed. Their throwing game seemed solid but one thing was evident - it will be hard for them to open up the 4point strike lane as they are pretty bad at slamming. This was shown well when one monk kept their players chatting about the 'WORD' for a few rushes... It must be said however that when he was persuaded to move (apparently the opposing striker had lured him with the promise of a conversion) the Kusa striker failed on an easy throw, which probably would have won them the game.

"Now let me tell you about your path to salvation..."
So while the crowd went home slightly bemused by what they had seen the real DB fans knew that this was a glimpse of what was to come this season...

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