Saturday, 2 April 2016

Zephyr Corp - preseason trip to Wayland spaceport

Holo Cast Whispers (HCW) sent its roving reporter with the Zephyr Corp team ship as a couple of their teams headed out to Wayland Space Port for a couple of preseason warm ups. Probably chosen to see how they would fair against human only teams (Wayland, being a space sport that deals mainly with 'purist nation' planets, has mainly human teams on its Tier One/Two rosters) the games were probably going to be well contested affairs.

First up was one of the reasons HCW sent a reporter - BEER MONEY's Number 7 was due for his first outing for a long, long time. His form was being monitored by all the Tier One teams coming into the new season - surely he was getting 'too old' to keep pulling out his stellar performances (which unless you are a BM supporter makes you hate him with a vengeance).

Well, he was on the pitch for the entire 14 rushes and did make an impact being a fundamental part of most of Beer Money's strikes.

However, it was generally agreed by all the HCW crew that he was not up to his normal self and was to blame for a couple of missed strike chances in what turned out to be a very close game. The Warrior Dolphins were just ahead for most of the game and managed to sneak out a very close win as they closed Beer Money down in the last few rushes. Probably one of the surprises of the pre season this newly promoted team look like they may make an impression in the coming season.

Number 7 makes a rare mistake...
Game two of the evening saw Zephyr's KUSA involved in one of the more thrilling matches we have seen for a long time. From the opening rush 3 pointer from the Kusa the game was end to end as both teams traded strikes. The main tactical problem for both teams was clearing the 4 point lane.

Both sides made mistakes on big plays and the game was tied coming into the final 3 rushes. The Kusa's throwing game was impressive and their striker was gutted as he missed a rush 13 four pointer. This left the game open for their opponents - but pressure got to their young striker and a fumbled pick up (which would have left him with an easy 1 pointer to win) ended the game. Being a preseason their was no sudden death and the fans were left thrilled - our reporter thought a draw was the most fitting result. Kusa, once they have learnt to use their phase ability better are going to be another tough team - we haven't seen such a solid speedy team for a long time.

All in all DB fans it looks like the upcoming season is going to be AWESOME.

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