Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Four chiba ninja clans go crazy...

So, Tuesday night at the local friendly games club was pencilled in for Charlie and I to try out some proper designer clans and a mission with guards 'and stuff'. At the last moment Shado and Robbie wanted in on the fun so it was cleared to try a four player game. Now, Shad and Rob had never played, or really seen, the game before which meant it was always going to be an uphill battle - I'd learnt by personal experience that this game speeds up phenomenally the more you get used to it and therefore I wasn't expecting a speedy game.

 Also I am not sure the game is ideally suited to an all out fisty cuffs skirmish (and we decided to play BRAWL as it was the easiest to 'do' - go and hit people) and is even more enjoyable with the 'sneaky' ninja type missions. But getting people playing was the aim of the evening.

I had the Kitsune clan - mainly because one of my favourite manga/anime series has to be Inu Yasha and this clan definitely pays homage to the story/legend.

Lessons learnt - have to have more of a play with them, Kitsune are not the best out and out brawlers but look like they will be awesome in stealth games. Oni (the large based characters) are not over powerful, which had been a worry.

All in the all the game excelled again - although as suspected we didn't quite to get to finish the whole game. I think 2 player games with the campaign system will be the way to go to be honest - and I can't wait :)

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