Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Zephyr Corp trial new teams...

Holo-cast Whispers ... First for your Dreadball news and rumours.

The official relaxing of the rules to allow Tier 3 species and teams to move up to Tier one Leagues this season has seen the major corporations scrambling to sign players, teams and coaches before the season starts again. Boot camps are happening across the leagues with players being tested out in friendly (or so they say) games which could make or break their careers.

Zephyr Corp are looking at expanding their roster by at least two Tier One teams and we have heard that the coaches have been tasked with making them competitive from the outset... Or they will not be coaching for long!

While the newest introductions to the 'Z-Boys' are being kept closely under wraps Holo-cast Whispers never want to let you fans down and we have reliable inside information (and a few leaked pictures from closed door friendlies) that the teams will be revealed soon and are:

Kekeo Nai'a 'Warrior Dolphins' are a Sphyrian team and, like any Sphyr team, are a force to be reckoned with. After surviving the near total destruction of their water world (Accutek Corporation had, allegedly by a AI glitch, assigned Sphyr for large scale weapon testing which evaporated 80% of the oceans) it would seem obvious that the Sphyr were going to be somewhat cranky - and now they seem to have found an outlet for that crank, and an opportunity to hit the Evil Corporations where it hurts them the most!

Our image captured by a spi-drone inside the closed door friendly with a uniformless Tsudochan team show the dolphins out on the field. Their playing style is reported to be a Hit and Run game made popular by a variety of human based teams in Tier One - nothing fancy but best not to get the mad and/or let them have too much of the ball. 

Secondly it has been widely reported the Z-Boys are also getting a Ada-Lorana team which appears to be called simply - KUSA. We believe this is a reference to an ancient Earth secret society of silent assassins from an area later known as the Neo-Tokyo conglomerate. Aptly named perhaps as the team seem to have the ability to disappear and appear at will - we have heard that DIGBY will make the players wear sensors that do not allow them to 'phase' with the ball and any slam made while in 'phase' will be highly illegal.  While we have yet to get Zephyr to confirm the reports we did manage to acquire a holo image (legally obtained whatever Z-Corp say) that is to be used on their new season merchandise which appears to clearly show the KUSA in action.

So there we have it DB fans... Watch this space for more news as we get it. 

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