Thursday, 17 March 2016

Back to the Future... Dreadball rises phoenix like from the sidelines

Dreadball played a huge part in my gaming life for a while (first Mantic Bowl 'world' Champ non the less - although many thought I was taking the piss slightly using an all Jaa Jaar Binks figure Judwaan team) but fell by the way side for various reasons related to Mantic's support of the game, kickstarter woes and general angst over the playtesting of new teams.

But after trying the alternatives (Kaos Ball and Guild Ball etc) I have been drawn back into the seedy world of Dreadball. This new found enthusiasm has seen the purchase of two of the later season teams.

Firstly the Ada Lorana 'Glembek Ghosts' - with their phase ability they just look fun to play, time will tell I suppose.

Secondly the Sphyr team with their sea connection seemed a no brainer.

Basically they are a human team with the tail ability and we know the humans are the 'average stat' side which means they still are very competitive.

Both teams will get an outing soon hopefully.

So gaming wise I seem to be settled with board and card games at the moment:
X-wing - with wave 8 arriving tomorrow
A Game of Thrones - for the time being at least although not as excited about it as I used to be
Ninja All Stars - good fun game with all the kickstarter goodies arriving soon

There we have it.

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