Sunday, 28 February 2016

If you go down to the dojo today...

Ninjas everywhere in a board game, chibi ninja at that (chibi can be thought of as small and cute and is a style of manga/anime characters).

Ninja All-stars is a fantasy skirmish board game set in a Japanese mythical world and is supposed to be the clans in a competition to see who is the best ninja clan. 2-4 players and includes a campaign mode where one's clan get get advances. I am still kicking myself for not kickstarting this as I have missed out on a LOT of cool and useful stuff.

Game play wise it is a board and mini game with simple rules and relatively simple game play which is augmented by the use of game cards, an interesting take on the role the elements play in ninja 'mythology' and an 'elemental' dice system.

This is not a review of game play or components as such, all soda-pop stuff is decent quality I find. Game play wise all I can say is it is excellent fun indeed. The dice take some getting used to and the system is a lot more subtle than it looks.

Obviously my first clan to paint up !

Will try and get some pics of a game up this week. 

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