Monday, 15 February 2016

Gaming life... beats prozac!

So yet another go at a gaming blog, good job no one ever bothers reading them anyway!

At the moment I only really have the time and inclination for a few games, Infinity is a brilliant game, I bought into it in depth but don't end up playing much - mainly because of the fact that to play anywhere but home involves truggin around a shed load of 'stuff'. Also it is a bit of a power game comp wise - so its fallen off the radar, which is a shame in way.

Card games are easy - Netrunner and A Game of Thrones decks fit in a corner of ones bag and as such are easy to take to shops and pubs for games against other people outside of the local 'meta' (as it is called - basically meta can be thought of as one's normal group where a certain way of playing tends to develop).

Both these games are going through a rough patch in a way, Netrunner was coming down to competitive play being dominated by certain factions/decks, a big shake up of restrictions took place and now it seems to have morphed into other deck types being prevalent, at least until other cards come out and next years 'cycle' comes in where lots of cards are not allowed in comps any more, BUT it is a brilliant and fun game to play on a social level. A Games of Thrones is a new version of an old card system but has quickly deteriorated I am afraid. Again brilliant fun to play until one gets serious about it when it turns into almost a chess like conundrum where if you fall behind quick there is NOTHING you can do to claw the game back, also at the moment the strong decks are ones which deny the other players cards (and hence FUN) - so probably not going to be playing that much and certainly not in comps.

SO that leaves X-wing the miniatures game - again easy to cart around and play as you need a few ships and a 3x3 foot flat surface. Played it when it first came out and loved it - fell away from it when Juni got ill but got back into it with the Force Awakens set and am now playing it as much as possible again.

Revamping my Flying Lead set of commercially available rules is also on the go - stay tuned for developments and play test opportunities there my friends...

Games are an escape from the hum drum of life when I can't surf...

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