Wednesday, 17 February 2016

So what did we learn from last night...


  • Apex is really fun to play, after the time one remembers to install face down cards anyway! Had fun against Phil with it and it was a close game, probably would have done better (maybe even won) if I had been installing from the beginning. Lots of surprises in there for the Corp and once set you can breeze through most things it seems. A keeper, as the saying goes.
  • Jinteki Replicating Perfection with the new cards - this was my first 'net deck' and to be honest I didn't find it worked for me, didn't help not getting any ice out and having an agenda flood with no Mr Howard in site - but still. Back to the drawing board I think. I miss the sneaky underhand traps of my previous Jinteki deck although they are not as functional in the new meta (as they say).
A swarm, a swarm - whatever next?
  • X-Wing shenanigans. Still loving it, remembered the pain of Richard's (Shado's) Avenger themed Interceptor list although in the second game I almost had it. Apparently Guru Andrew C. has said it doesn't do well in the new meta of stress hogs and twin laser turret (TLT) lists but maybe they should let Shado fly them and see!
  • Han on the Falcon with Poe close by - cool fun indeed. Always going to have a good chance of going down to a swarm of heavy hitters but otherwise I am happy with it. Engine upgrade on the Falcon is always fun. Luke keeps Han deadly (although I want to mod some cards up with Finn and Rey on them instead of Luke and C3Po). I think this is the list I will take to Bournemouth on Saturday to see how it goes.  
  • Tried a 6 Tie swarm - was fun but couldn't concentrate fire enough by keeping them tight so they got picked off one by one, good game though. Back to the drawing board and I have made a more synergy dependent list of 4 FO Ties with abilities. Will have to wait and see if it works.
  • That's all for now 

Oh also learnt I shouldn't Internet shop - awaiting delivery of the Ninja All-stars game which looks awesome fun... bad Paypal, bad bad Paypal money!

Looks good fun though :)

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