Friday, 22 April 2016

Oh no - and I had resisted for so long...

I did, I promise. I convinced myself Guild Ball looked shit, ignored it - ignored it again - still looked shit I persuaded myself. To avoid finding anything new to distract me from the current game/board game list I even avoided going to Salute. But that didn't stop the new group of guys from the club going and shelling out a shed load to get themselves kitted out with Season Two goodies.

THEN like the little weak puppy dog that I am I caved... big time. Maybe it's the fascination of sport themed games, can't seem to resist them. Guild Ball says it is a game of medieval Mob Football and as I have even participated in a few games in the last surviving examples of the game (up in Derbyshire when I was in my teens) it JUST had to be done, honest !

Guild Ball is a comparatively new game of just over a year old. In that year it has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity and now I am on the bandwagon wholesale it is fairly easy to see why. Matches take place on a three by three foot pitch using teams of six players (in a normal size game) and last one to two hours depending on how many victory points one plays up to. Figure wise they are about 30mm and gorgeous (if one can use such an adjective for little figures), they come with the required stat card you need for in-game play. Now all these can be downloaded from their site as paper models; but where is the fun in that?

Game play wise the mechanics are fairly simple, the complexity comes from the inter-play with the players abilities and 'plays'. There is a good mechanism for 'momentum' which adds to the play and helps to see who has the initiative the following turn. Running alongside this is the 'influence' mechanic - think action point that you can allocate.

Teams can be more 'footy' orientated, in which case you need to score to win, or more 'bashy' orientated, in which case you win by taking the opponents out. Goals are worth 4 points and putting a player out is 2 points - games are 8 or 12 points. Obviously you can make your team an all-round outfit.

I have plumpt for the Fisherman Guild, obviously due to the sea connection and the Brewers Guild, thought I would make them Aussies. Fishermen are fast and 'footy' orientated. Brewers are over refreshed and out for a good scrap (although Season 2 gives both options to be more 'all round'). Here are pictures of them both, obviously not my painting although I wish it was!

So, when my stuff all gets here I will give you an update... 
Quick update - now added the Hunters to my team lists. Damn I was kinda doing well, oh and of course a few of the sub players, some goals oh and a scoreboard and tokens and made a pitch. Scarey thing is I haven't played a game yet!!!!!

Oh well may as well keep digging this hole as it doesn't seem to be going away.

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