Saturday, 2 April 2016

Star Realms... Damn you Wil Wheaton

Well I echo the words of our favourite Big Bang character, Wil Wheaton has cost me far too much money on games over the last few years. And here he goes again, a simple passing tweet about how good Star Realms coupled with the ease of one click Amazon Prime after playing the online version for a bit and I have a table full of cards!

Oh no - goes out the call from my loving, caring readers - don't buy another card game! But do not worry folks this one is different. Not a LCG or CCG really; it all comes in the box (and maybe a few expansions).

Never had a 'deck building game' and must admit it is more fun than I imagined. The phrase 'deck building' alludes to the fact that both players start with the same 'hand' and play with the same total deck. One then has to draw and get rid of cards to build up one's personal deck that one has to draw from. Then to throw something into mix in Star Realms you have to destroy your opponent by reducing their 'authority' rather than the normal building up of points.

Not even going to try and describe the game play but here is a screen shot from the online version:

Why do I think it will become a stable part of my gaming? Time - games take about 20 mins it says (online its more like 8-10). Cost - it's cheap and I have all I need for 2-4 players. Fun - it is GREAT but simple fun with the normal caveat of it being subtle and deep.

So there we are - another game in the bag, or should that be box?

Great art work is a big bonus

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