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Onto Phandalin and beyond... D&D part II

Monday night saw our second D&D session take place - for those too lazy to read the previous post the intrepid party consists of:

Stewie (a High Elf Mage) 
Stewie is everything you would expect from a High Elf adept of the arcane arts who :

  • Has never been out of the 'University' campus (since he went there as a youngster) for longer than about 5 minutes at a time and then only in search of a new strain of tea from the Twinningle shop on the corner. 
  • Socialises mainly with, himself and one or two other 'profs' in the Department of Theoretical Magic - apart from when forced to address the wizard apprentices by the threat of having his tea with-held...
  • Sees the outside world, and anyone in it, as either - an embarrassment to Elven kind, an annoyance, a real annoyance, someone to do mundane stuff for him, someone to make tea and usually all of the above at once!
  • Has been sent out to learn more about the world - or as  it is widely believed - to get him out the way for a bit.

K'Gar (a Dwarf Cleric) 
K'Gar is a complex character in a way - in that way that is hard to intertwine his clerical beliefs with a nagging desire to - well how shall we put this... Kill stuff, so long as it is evil that is. However, the problem that people come across is that they do not actually know what the slightly grumpy dwarf thinks of as evil !

Apparently at the moment he wants to meet up with his cousins to check on their well being... or if they have the money he lent them out of the temple restoration fund !

Dobby (a Halfling rogue)
Apparently named after his mother's favourite book character Dobby had a long and hard 60 years childhood. Always being at the end of everyone's jokes took its toll and in adolescent years he fell into various gangs. Alas he didn't find life much easier and eventually even fell foul of the leader of the gang... Humiliation and his attempted murder followed and he fled... Only to plot his return and his revenge.

Ronan (a human sell-sword/fighter)
Few things in life are as important to Ronan as fighting, well, maybe wealth, certainly ale, possibly women and most definitely his sharpening stone. But, I think the reader gets the idea. 

Brought up in the slums of Neverwinter he fought his way out of poverty but is immensely proud of his humble origins - and not very tolerant of those who aren't.

As the astute reader can tell the group are a perfect match for each other - so long as the dating algorithm that came up with this also states Donald and Hillary are a match up made in heaven with a long and happy married life stretching ahead of them!


On their way to Phandalin (to deliver some supplies) the group had already fought a goblin horde (sort of) rescued a man called Sildar who has a secret handshake (or a twitch - they don't know which at this point) and are heading to Phandalin with a certain amount of confidence, and dare one imply, cockiness.    

First off was a stop at Gimore's Glorious Goods where they dropped off their cargo, discovered it's not a good idea to let Stewie talk to people (after he inadvertently appeared to make a date with Victor Gilmore), K'Gar found out some useful information, Ronan sharpened his sword in the corner (whether this is menacing or creepy is something the jury is still out on) and Dobby almost got caught shoplifting and showed his kleptomaniac tendencies. 

The rest of the day seemed to involve information gathering by various means and Dobby almost getting recognised a few times. After discovering their patron (Gundren Rockseeker) had been taken to Cragmar Castle by the goblins and there was  druid living out in some ruins a day's ride north-east would know where it was the group decided to head off to ask him. Not before being roped into promising to  rid the town of the Redbrand gang of thugs (complete with required mysterious leader) and get some information from a local Banshee called Agatha (who was Stewie assured them not going to be a real banshee but more of a hag - the group were pretty sure he was unaware of what either of these actually were). Highlight of the parties first night there were the bar-maid and party trying to explain to the elf how a  'sexual affair' actually worked... he has had a sheltered life!

Agatha did indeed turn out to be a Banshee - one however, who was actually beguiled by the party (apart from Ronan who was champing at the bit to kill it) and gave them the information they needed. They did however not really believe in themselves and made a hasty retreat without searching her cave... Never mind eh chaps?

Next stop was the old ruins and the search for the Druid. Not even the hand written 'Dangerous fiends - keep out' which Stewie argued grammatically meant that only 'dangerous fiends' had to keep out, stopped them. Well actually they sent the Halfling ahead to find out what was in the ruined keep and tower. About thirty seconds later he was hurtling out as fast as his little legs could carry him, followed by a herd of zombies...
Well Ronan and K'Gar don't have to be asked twice, let alone thrice, and it was on! There were rather more than they anticipated and there were a few hairy moments in the combat. But good old bludgeoning and a few spells ensued 

and eventually they were all dispatched. Having done the business the party were sure there must be something of value around and yet again sent the halfing in to have a look in the ruined tower, even if it did half two half eaten giant spiders hanging down the side of it!

Creeping up the overgrown, spiral, stone steps Dobby reached a locked door, silently picking the lock he pushed the door ajar to see a... sleeping, young Green Dragon. 

Dobby (after nearly soiling his breaches - and that was Rhys) slammed the door shut and started to run... Yep that was right dear reader SLAMMED - numerous shouts and kicks at him resounded as he had to make a stealth check to see if the baby waby dragon was awakened. A 1 was rolled - yep it really was a SLAM. Then inspiration hit (literally in this case as the gold choccy inspiration coin was hurled across the table) and a reroll was made, this time an 18. 

SO REWIND.... Dobby saw the sleeping dragon, panic ensued, he shoved the door shut but luckily the dust and grime from a hundred years softened the impact and he set off almost noiselessly - after all the dragon was full of giant spider and needed to catch up on a few days sleep. 

Greed and adrenalin fought a battle with common sense and for once common sense was the victor and the party decided to withdraw and not take on the dragon (how they persuaded Ronan is a matter of privacy - what happens in the dragon's tower stays in the dragon's tower broh).

Hiding in the wood they were contacted by an aging druid who wished to warn them about the dragon and zombies! It appeared Reinorth the druid seemed to have been on a two year search for the perfect herbal crop! So, as they found, talking to him and understanding the answer was a matter which required a lot of patience. In the end they did get to location of Cragmaw Castle out of him and also found out he was hanging around as the dragon had used his 'best crop ever' as nesting material and he was waiting to find a way of getting it back. Now, this 'erb could have just been the stuff the party needed to lace the Redbrand's ale with - but alas we will not find out as they bid him farewell and headed back to Phandalin.

So all in all a good night (or week in their case) was had, lots achieved, some opportunities missed but hey they have some good plans up their sleevies... Until next time, roll well and don't let the goblins bite! 

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