Sunday, 27 November 2016

30 years ago...

I bought and played Blood Bowl a LOT.

How could I not? In 1986 I was into games and heavily into playing and watching Gridiron (American Football) so it seemed like a match made in heaven. Probably the first non 'realistic' football game of any sort (Troll Ball was never really a proper game - just an offshoot of Runequest - which we played a lot) and was good, good fun. 

Moving to Aussie land and having on tap dry skateparks and surf on the doorstep stopped ALL gaming for many a year. Moving back here eventually saw me trying to play in the local games club league, but alas I was not up with the power creep and tended to get wellied every game no matter what 'help' was put into place. SO I moved on... Dreadball, Kaos Ball, Guild Ball and every other ball inbetween (including a few of my own published rugby and football games). 

But then damned GW specialist games dept wanted to make money and bought it back... And obviously sucked me straight back in...

Only the one game I said, easy to put together and play I said - nothing to obsess about I said... The writing was on the wall of the stadium and wasn't coming off...

Looks pretty though and is all you need to get into it in one hit at a league level (so long as someone buys the 'season book' with the league rules .... Ooops did that too). Orcs and Humans included with pretty plastic rulers and templates this time - certainly the 'shiney' factor is there in force.

So the weekend came and there was an event live from GW HQ live on Twitch... May as well watch a game I said, oooo may as well pick up the free App for the Ipad I said, may as well get the add on rules and season bundle for the App I said. May as well spend most of the weekend giggling away to the games commentary it seems!

I have always liked a slightly chaotic, spur of the moment, high risk taking kind of team, who can hurl the long bomb and do the glitzy runs. Neither the Humans or the Orcs or the Skavens are really suited (maybe the rats who knows) but Wood Elves seemed to be (also a good excuse to have a female called Tauriel surely). BUT wood elves are not to be found unless one parts with 188 quid on a 1998 set of casts - mmmmm maybe not. But the seed was there and about to grow into major oaken obsessions. Only one thing for it - full scale conversions!  Scouring the GW site (as I may as well make sure they are GW in case I ever need to play in a comp) there was not really looking like anything suitable. UNTIL....
Yep Sylvaneth dryads popped up, enough in a starter set for a good converted team I said, quite cheap really I said... Oh how weak !

So I will keep you up to date with the progress of the conversions. I have decided to take my time with these and try and make each player different. Wish me luck, hopefully I will still like the game !

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