Monday, 23 May 2016

Rush Goalie - Okkers on the road to Leytonstone

Hardly a momentous journey from Enfield to Leytonstone I will admit. But seemed like a good thing for my first foray into the seedy world of Guild Ball tournaments. In fact it turned out ideal as it was a relaxed tournament of 16 players from around England (but mainly very local) with a lot of potential local serious comp gamers being kept busy at the 130+ player X-Wing regional which was on down the road.

Tanelorn was the club putting it on and they (Conrad on the whole) did it very well, as far as my limited experience could tell anyway. Like alluded to above, it was my first delve into GB comps with clocks timing the game etc. so I had little aspirations and anything not propping up the bottom was my major aim for the day. Managed to take no pictures of the games mind you, so I do apologise! Managed to nick this one of my pitch and clock in action with my shorts and legs in the top corner.

Although the underground conspired against me I eventually got there - the Okkers in tow. They are my Brewer's team and are themed in Aussie international colours. Aussie beer barrels for the goal and a bbq for the recovering area. Sooner or later I will get pictures posted, I promise.

Three games were on the deal for the day. 45 minutes on the clock each which was going to be a weird experience and one of my goals was to not get timed out. First game was against a very nice guy (I am hopeless with names) and his shooty based Engineers. Well, I had played against footy based engineers before but didn't know what to expect against the bolt throwing monsters which were to come! I made a game of it, but as half my team spent their time with their ass on the floor due to bolt knockdowns or off the field through being shot while on the floor I went down 12-4 in the end (probably should have been 8 but Scum the cat managed to avoid rolling a 3 on 2d6 for a goal). Lessons learnt were that the shooty engineers have to be hit hard and very fast! Next time !

Game 2 was against Conrad on one of the bottom tables - I thought I was on safer ground here as he was using Fishermen which I am used to. But he had Jac playing, with his push and heroic push abilities which won him the game in overtime with a couple of figures getting too close to the edge! Can't remember the score I'm afraid but it seemed like a close game and was good fun.

Game 3 was against the youngest player on the day with his butchers and was a bit like being back in class - pretty glad I am a teacher to be honest or I might have been stretched a bit thin tolerance wise. But all was well and a 12-2 win was the result. No Fillet so not sure what difference that would make (a lot I imagine) but on the whole the Butchers seem a pretty easy team to deal with for Ester and co.

All in all a good day and set me up with a few ideas for the comp at the Games Expo on the 4th.

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