Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Okkers v. Mr. C's Morts... Pass the stubbies mate this is all too easy

So the Okkers got a competitive game run out against the Morticians the other night. I had just painted up Stave that day so thought it would be rude not to use him! Apart from that I took Esters, Friday, Spigot, Skip (Scum card but my wallaby model) and Mash.

Fair to say the first turn - give Stave a move boost with Esters move him up and see him push back and KO three models was not Mr. C's idea of fun. Which to be honest is probably fair enough. After that Esters ranged singing attacks and Stave's barrel lobbing shenanigans kept the Morts at bay while the rest of the team worked the ball up the right flank and eventually Friday rushed in to score. But by this time I had taken a couple of Morts out with the rest of the team looking pretty battered. Andrew's insistence on revenge attacking Stave probably helped my cause as well.

Eventually Stave had to have a turn at the recovery BBQ but after Obulus missed an open goal it was back to business and in a couple of turns I scored again and then took the birdy out for a 12-2 win. Two goals and two take outs left me happy and it was the first time I felt I actually played with them properly, and this against the team that is supposed to be Brewer's nemesis... so I was a happy coach !

Tooling up Esters and Mash before they do their ranged damage is real nasty as I could do 6 damage on each with Esters and the 3 with Mash if he popped his heroic. I kept Spigot, Skip and Friday close which was good in a number of ways and used passing to build up momentum. Mash near Esters and cover - therefore having 2 armour and taking a die away from the attack meant he was not going anywhere (his dodge was driving Andrew crazy) and he stood there knocking people down for Spigot and Friday to rush in and lay the boot in.

Felt a bit like I was Brian Clough with Leeds United in the 70's but hey - where's the harm in that? Just hope I haven't put Andrew off.

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