Saturday, 7 April 2018

Those droids? Really, you sure?

A day of escapism at Wayland Games...

Today I went down to Wayland to play SW Legion with Neil (Darth Shuck) and we got in an awesome two 800 point games in-between general catch up chat etc. I had knocked up a back story (using mission cards from the core game) revolving around Neil's podcast:

Table set up used my terrain from Gamemat and Plastcraft and looked like this:

These were the droids we were looking for

Deployment was the very entertaining opposite corner one which meant that the commander was going to be out of command distance for quite a number of units. However, the dropped in reinforcements negated some of this angst until turn 3. 

AT-ST opposite a AT-RT, Air Speeder and Luke - I was determined to take it down and didn't rest until I did, although it took a few turns. Highlights of what turned into almost a game within the game was the Air Speeder harpooning it and spinning it like a top to keep it from being effective (I think people are underestimating this effect) and Luke eventually chopping its legs off...

Meanwhile the game went on... 
Jabba was surveying his prize while R2 (with data chip objective) watched on...

An ion weapon equipped squad try and sneak up on the AT-ST - FYI it didn't work as a pair of speed bikes roared around the building and shot them up!
Don't worry though - Wedge sorted them out after playing spin it around with the AT-ST.
Mind you one squad of Rebels were brutally picked on by Vader and his trailing rocket laden squad and decided to go home for a glass of blue milk and the odd cookie...

So, the Rebels (well Luke after enticing C3-P0 behind the rock by using the force) had one of the 5 droids when it came time for the air vehicle insertion of the reinforcements which enabled Lord Shuck to drop onto two objectives! The rebels had to settle for dropping behind the Stormies and one squad into Jabbas hut (see what I did there?) 

Luke had got another objective and with the Stormies securing two it came down to who could get to R2 before the end of the game. I thought my squad overlooking the droid in question would be able to hop down and win the game... Vader had other ideas as he dealt out his fear inducing card and ladened them with suppression tokens, threw his light saber at them and force choked a wookie!

Wedge, obviously incensed by what he had just seen, dove in and shot the bantha poo out of Vader leaving him annoyingly on one hit point left.  

And Neil's stormie squad swooped in to set up getting the data slice from C3P0, surely winning the game for Neil as I was down to Wedge and Luke left and it was turn 6.

But the force is strong with these two... Luke (getting the initiative drop) leapt over the walls and into melee with the stormies. SPOILER - it didn't go well for the men in white!

But, although they couldn't withdraw and claim the objective Neil had Vader lurking and made a dash for C3P0. But as Neil issued curses as he couldn't quite reach far enough Wedge saw his moment of glory appear... As it looked like ending with 2 objectives each it would be down to points left (or killed whichever way you want to look at it) maybe taking the one hit left Vader down might help.

PHEW PHEW and down Vader went... 

Stormies outside the main action had managed to take out my other rebel squads and it was down to a point count.

REBELS took the game 270 - 217... Wedge would get a kiss from Leia for sure!

The game showed how good and cinematic the rules are and we had an absolute blast all day... The second game was also a win for the Rebels but I didn't take any photos as we were rushing to get through it before we were asked to leave (yes we were, like always, first in, last out). 

The game attracted a stream of interest all day long which was cool but rather annoying in the end as Neil is a nice enough chap to get engaged with the onlookers and their questions...

Until next time, and there will be lots of 'next times' ... May the Force be with you!

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