Sunday, 8 January 2017

END BOWL - coach pack

The END BOWL - proudly bought to you by Ponders End Blood Bowl Club and the

All teams must be chosen from the newly released “Bloodbowl Death Zone season 1 handbook” or the official GW Teams of Legend PDF.

Players are able to spend 1,100,000 Gold Pieces on their team but must not include star players.

Before the day you may add TWO skills to add to your team for free, however, these are not allowed to be added to the same player.

Injuries will NOT carry over to the next game.

Each player should bring a timing device and each player will have a three minutes per turn. After three minutes the player has 3 ‘Time Outs’ per half – these can be used to add one minute to a turn when needed. When the time for a turn runs out the player must finish the player they are on and then the opposition takes their next turn.

The “illegal Procedures” rule will not be in effect for the movement of turn counters.

Inducements will not be used.

After each game your opponent must pick one of your players as the MVP that play will get to roll on the skill table. If you won the game you may modify the result by 1 if they wish.

Players will be required to bring the following:
At least, Two Team Rosters – One to hand in, one to let your opponent see during the game and one for you.

1 Painted Team

If possible please bring a new size pitch just incase.

All score points will be cumulative throughout the day.

Win – 3pts

Draw – 1pt

Loss – 0

Winning a game by 4 or more touchdowns – Bonus 1pt
Only losing by a margin of 1 touchdown, so long as both sides score – Bonus 1pt

Bombard Trophy - Winning Coach – Head Coach with most points at the end of 4 games – ties will be decided by number of touchdowns and kills added together. Bought to you by:

Trophy and voucher.

Galtihay Trophy- Best Uniform – best painted team, everyone will vote during the lunch break on the teams nominated by opponents during the day.

Oberwald’s Protégé `Award – Coach with most touchdowns during the day.

Northern Wall Award – Coach with least touchdowns scored against them.

CABAL VISION Award – For the top two stunning plays of the day – jot them down as they happen and hand them in to be judged.

Apoc’s Favourite – Coach causing the most injuries (on the field, not the hall) during the day. Bought to you by the Apoc's special...

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