Saturday, 1 October 2016

Halo games and Try Tag Rugby development, and a blast from past - D&D 5th

Not posted for a while, been busy at work and play... not that anyone noticed lol.

Halo Ground Command just gets better and better the bigger games we play.

Awesome game and always fun, fast and furious...

Also been designing and playtesting a tag rugby game - loosely based on the brilliant, but never in production, CRASH TACKLE game I may even consider kickstarting this once I have talked to people about producing it nicely. Got it down to an hour game which feels a lot like TAG rugby which is taking off in a big way everywhere it seems.

Last but not least - Richard 'Shadoblade' who is a good gaming mate got me to watch a YouTube channel called 'Critical Role'. Basically it is a group of voice actors (from video games like Halo and Final Fantasy to films like Monsters Inc)

It is really good fun to watch/listen to. But worse it has got me back into wanting to play D&D. We originally played with the original 'white' books that a friends dad bought back for us from the states when we were in our early teens. We then played practically every night FOR a good few years... really! I was the only one who really did any sport or anything outside of it. When we hit Uni age it kinda died out but I have tried to get back into it over the years. 4th edition was what finally put me off - micromanagement in movement and combat (with lots of + and - modifiers) drove me crazy as a chance encounter could take hours; it was more like playing a skirmish game and not a RPG. 

However, 5th apparently has changed all this back to the feel of the original free flow but a lot more streamlined... SO running and jumping back into it with a vengeance hopefully !

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