Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tanks revisited...

So, been playing TANKS for a few weeks now, at home, at the club and even a couple of excursions to play 'strangers' at Dark Sphere, all coupled with the rewatching of Fury and a lot of re-stocking of 15mm scenery. So, what has been learnt from these forays?

1/ Still really, really like the 'game'. It plays fast and furious and I haven't had a game yet I have been even the remotely bit 'miffed' in.
2/ It's simple enough in its mechanics to play different/new players and not have to discuss the mechanics or interpretations of the rules - which will be great in Organised Play sessions.

3/ THERE is going to be Organised Play starting this month and it looks good! Participation prizes of alt art cards, winner prizes of acrylic tokens and rulers and thankfully no 'unique' cards or tanks! First theme is Normandy and introduces static fortifications and bocage to the mix - can't wait.

4/ It's really not as cheesey game play as some people make out. Yes in theory, especially in the movement, you can do weird things. But, in reality when you are playing these would rarely be advisable or beneficial. Tank 'jumping', as in moving over operational tanks, which has attracted a lot of criticism from 'rivet counters' (note destroyed tanks are impassable terrain) is an essential part of the game play. While in the course of a bigger 'traditional' WWII game this would be daft the fact, that in Tanks, you are playing a short, objective driven, time limited game it means someone can not block you in by closely surrounding your tank... If you want rationale, beyond avoiding dick head plays, then it is explained by the fact all the tanks would be moving simultaneously and therefore one would not be able to pull in off.

5/ Crew and upgrades make the game, but do not dictate the game. Always a good result, the crew and upgrades add character and game play - but a vanilla lot of tanks are still a very viable list indeed.

6/ It is fast and furious, and it is a game... But I have been pleasantly surprised how, despite what people tend to purport, you need to use 'tactics' from the era. Moving tanks are a lot harder to damage (as in to hit and cause damage), moving makes shooting harder, BUT stationary shooting helps you hit with the down side being you are easier to hit. All things you read about in memoirs from WWII tankers. 'Keep moving' (US trait) or you die is something that you hear from all allied tankers, 'keep firing until you hit' is another - both good advice for TANKS. Meanwhile the German armour often benefits (as in late WWII) from being hidden (camo netting) getting a good first stationary shot in, then moving like crazy (blitzkrieg trait) and hoping to keep popping them off until the little bastards get behind you!

7/ People are drawn to the game... always have an audience who often end up vocally joining in!

So, all in all the game is going from strength to strength I think...

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