Monday, 13 June 2016

It's a Tiger Sir, for sure... Oh no it's not, they aren't out yet.

Well it was bound to happen, I'd avoided WWII gaming for over a year now... But then Gale Force Nine (alongside their mother company Battlefront - of Flames of War fame) do this:

Damn, damn, damn! A tank game that plays like X-Wing I was told (well plays like is pushing it a bit - it does have tank cards, crew cards, upgrade cards and a crit damage card deck, but no movement dials so it can't be like it, can it?) so what more did I need to know.

Well rules for a start and luckily they are online:

And they look FUN... note the word fun. Considering the stick FOW gets for its slight bow to realism it will be interesting to see what WWII gamers make of tanks. But I like the look of them as a game and tomorrow this lot arrives at my house:

Yeh you need the expansions for the cards... but then again can you ever have enough plastic tanks?
More about the game play next time, but, suffice to say the cards give you all the info you need.

Yeh, I imagine players will soon have more Pershings on the table than actually made it to the front in reality and the colour schemes will make WWII gamers of a particular age go red with fury... But people will be playing a WWII tank game. And to me this is the point. Do I expect racing car realism when playing Formula De, starfighter realism when playing X-wing, rugby realism when playing Crash Tackle? No, of course I don't - so should I expect it when playing a WWII tank game - no of course not. It looks like a fun game... more later this week I suspect.

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